Saturday, April 23, 2011

Florida Trip

Hi All, sorry for the big delay in posting . . . but my husband and I took a road trip to NC, SC, and FL for ten days! I ONLY got to paint at one spot but we did a ton of BIRDING to my husband's delight! I did get to go to the Evinston Paint Out, and what a great little town it is, (emphasis on little). It is sponsored by the Wood & Swink Preservation Society, trying to preserve the old store and post office. Would love to do it next year and will apply . . . (they put you up for a week and FEED you!) Non-stop painting for six days, how fabulous!

These two little paintings where done at O'Leno State Park in Florida. You can see the orange shellac that I paint on paper to prep it. I do this also on the paper that is mounted on masonite board before I paint, a trick I learned in art school. I haven't decided what I am going to do with these two little paintings yet. I took many photos but want to go back to paint plein air through out the area. Next time :-)

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